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If adrenaline is your thing, then do not miss this opportunity for adventure tourism activities (such as rapel, rafting, kayak, ducky) in the crisp waters of the Andes Mountains, in an area known as La Patagonia del Maule.

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Inspired by a deep respect for the environment, we focus on promoting the well-being of local communities and encourage sustainable development, giving the eco tourist the opportunity to participate in the activities and traditions that rural Chile offers.

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This circuit has been designed to focus on the body and the soul: a whole day to pamper yourselves, through different activities, with various unique aromas and sensations that will make this an unforgettable day.

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If you like to walk surrounded by native forests and appreciate the flora and fauna, then we invite you to trek this medium intensity path, where you’ll not only bathe in pools of crystal-clear waters but also share in a delicious meal of mate (traditional South American tea) accompanied by a chilean tortilla (bread cooked under burning embers) served with honey from the Andes Mountains.

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The southern Maule region has an endless number of natural, historical, and cultural attractions that we want to promote and make known to the world, working together with the community and restoring the traditions that still remain alive in many places in our region.

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Traditional Cabin

Just 15 minutes outside of Linares are some comfortable cabins equipped for a family style escape, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and with large green areas, swimming pools, and barbecue areas.

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Colonial House

Stay at this rural house located in a historical village filled with colonial architecture and Chilean heritage. Take a walk through the old corridors, around the entire hacienda, connect with the past and rediscover memories many had thought were forgotten.

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Eco Cabins

Immersed in the heart of the countryside are these 4 cabins with enough space between them to enjoy the tranquility and silence of nature. The cabins are built ecologically minded, with local materials from the region, and offer a high level of comfort.

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GLAMPING is a fusion of the words "glamor and camping". Here you can live the experience of camping outdoors and enjoying nature without sacrificing the comforts and attractions of the most sophisticated accommodations.

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Cozy and comfortable cabins, with large terraces and beautiful views. Each one has been designed to satisfy the requirements of small and/or large families, without forgetting to include all the comforts so that your stay is both relaxing and the best experience possible.

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Geo Maule is the dream of an entrepreneurial woman from Linares, who has always been interested in promoting the well-being of local communities and encouraging the development of sustainable tourism. Through the coordination of various tour operators and strategic alliances we give the eco-tourist the possibility to participate in activities and traditions unique to rural Chile, soaking in the aromas, flavors, and culture in harmony with the environment and nature.

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